Hey ladies! I wanted to reach out and answer questions that have been asked many times. I feel as though I didn’t explain well enough what the plan for Bella was… So here goes.

When I originally released Bella 1 my plan was to release 11 “serial series” books—when it was complete I would then combine all of the books into 3 full length novels and release the audio as well and booom it would be complete. I really wanted Bella to be a “soap opera” if you will. However, some things happened in my life… I wont go into detail right now, but if you’ve followed me for a while you probably already know…and this prevented me from writing for Longer than expected.

With the long wait that everyone has endured I decided that I would simply finish the series without any further adue. Of course, I want the Bella fans to have their HEA. I would never deny you that!

I since have decided instead of 3 full size novels I would make it two very large novels. I’ve done this for 1 very BIG reason and that is YOU! I didn’t want the fans to have to purchase 3 books to get their ending and if I could fit everything inside of 1 book I would only do 1, however, it really wasn’t going to work out that way.

This is where we come up with the titles. Bella-The Begining, and Bella- The Ending.

The 7 books that were already published were pulled from the shelves for a few reasons.

1-I have gone through and refined each book before the Audio production was completed.

2-I want everyone to get a NEW experience with this series.

This series means so much to me, and I hope that once you read the pages of The Begining and The Ending you will feel the same way.

If you are a Bella fan already then you know that it’s PACKED full of edge of your seat angst. No doubt that you were more than a little angry with me for the cliff hangers I’m so very known for, but now you dont have to worry about that because all of your questions will finally be answered!!

Please, if you have any further questions for me please NEVER HESITATE  to reach out to me! I am extremely willing to answer them!! Drop in and say hello! I’d love to hear from you!


Kimberly xoxo

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