Bella Teaser Tuesday!


Bella: The Begining
Releasing Dec 19th 2018


“What is it that you’re holding over my husband’s head?” Bella approached Rebecca causing her to back up and fall into a chair before Tony stepped close to Bella’s side. He was letting her lead. He fuckin’ trusted her to do what needed to be done while staying close enough to protect her. She had the respect of my men. And even though we were in the fuckin’ center of hell my lip curved into a smile. I was fuckin’ proud as fuck of her.

—Bella will be releasing in AUDIO DEC 19TH

Coming soon— cover reveal for Bella The Beginning, The Ending, and the audio books.

—Title: Bella A Sagatori family saga The Beginning and The Ending
The beginning and the ending of the Sagatori saga in 2 full length novels.
—Release Date: December 19TH 2018
—Author: Kimberly Soto

Add this mafia romance to your TBR today!

Bella: A Sagatori family saga (The Beginning)

Bella: A Sagatori family saga (The Ending)

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